Our Mission

The world is changingand so is the way we pay.

Today’s society is dependent on computers for every facet of life. Companies and consumers are now highly mobile and expectations are that transactions take place in real time without compromising security.

Our goal is to develop payment solutions that are fast, cost-effective, secure and invisible to the user.

ndBIT is part of ND Group B.V. –
a private equity and holding company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with a global reach and operations.

One of the holding’s most well-known firms is market leader in the establishment and operation of remote site camps which are for example used in remote conflict-ridden areas. Clients include the German Armed Forces, NATO, the United Nations and the U.S. Army.

ndBIT was established in order to meet the complex banking and payment needs of business within the group including use inside military camps.

Today the entire group is counting on a pool of talented and committed 12,000 persons in more than 150 locations in over 36 countries all over the world.


Offering payments in the national currency of the military while operating in a foreign country poses major logistical and administrative challenges. The money must be brought physically to these countries across the globe. ndBIT simplifies these processes and dramatically reduces associated costs. We solve these problems by using our customized services inside the camps.


Banking for business partners

Using a combination of design, data and biometrics, we simplify the entire payment path. We are the first bank to offer a cash register system which is directly connected to your accounts. The cash register receipt is digitally generated in the core banking system opening up new opportunities for banks to thoroughly understand their business customers.

smartphone biometric

To complete the value chain, we have integrated a loyalty platform into our core banking system. This opens up the opportunity for our business partners to target their customers in a way no one has seen

Our goal is to transfer our technology to B2B, B2C and C2C.


Our Partner