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ndBIT is part of ND Group B.V. – a private equity and holding company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with a global reach and operations. One of the holding’s most well-known firms is market leader in the establishment and operation of remote site camps which are for example used in remote conflict-ridden areas. Clients include the German Armed Forces, NATO, the United Nations and the U.S. Army. ndBIT was established in order to meet the complex banking and payment needs of business within the group including use inside military camps. Today the entire group is counting on a pool of talented and committed 12,000 persons in more than 150 locations in over 36 countries all over the world.


One of our major projects is to simplify the major logistical and administrative challenge of payments in camps where in national currency of the military is used despite operating in a foreign country. Currently, the money must be physically brought to these countries. We simplify this process while dramatically reducing costs. We solve these problems by offering our services within the camps. We solve these problems by using our customized services inside the camps. Some more Facts:

  • ndBIT is part of ND group b.v.
  • Over 12.000 employees in 36 countries
  • Offices in Berlin, Montabaur or Pristina (Kosovo)
  • Experts in banking solutions for over 15 years
  • Core technology developed in-house

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ndBIT is part of ND Group B.V. – a global company with businesses in logistics, transport and the services sector.(